Where do you ship?
Oh, we'll go to the end of the world for you :) 
How long will the shipping take? 

We usually dispatch within 2 working days from Rome. After that depending on where you are, please use this as a guide.

Location Standard Express
Italy 1-4 days 1-2 days
Europe (within EU) 10-15 days 2-5 days
Europe (outside EU) 10-25 days 4-7 days
North America 10-25 days 3-9 days
Asia / Australia & others 15-30 days 4-9 days
  • Exclude public holidays.
  • busy periods such as Summer / Christmas holidays seasons may cause further delays
  • The time above includes normal customs clearance time. However, with the current supply chain crisis, there could be further delays depending on where you live.
please read our shipping policy for further details (bottom of our website).
Can I return the earrings? 
Yes, yes and yes to almost every scenario you can think of. We trust in the quality of our products and that you'll be happy with it. If you're not, we'll make the return process as painless as possible. Please see our return policy  (bottom of our website) for further details. 
What are the earrings made of? 
All material & surfaces are in each listing. 
Our silver earrings are all 925 Sterling Silver plated with Rhodium, it is a hard metal part of the platinum family often used for white gold and silver. It's chosen for its tarnish resistant qualities and the majority of people are not allergic to it. (sorry we are not too original here, if you haven't heard of it before, others just don't bother telling you about it.)  
I've never seen multiple piercing earrings like this before, I can't figure out how to wear them, can you help?
You've never seen them because they are uniquely designed by us especially for women with multiple ear piercings. Email or chat to us thanks. 
How do I look after silver earrings?
All real silver naturally reacts to the air and tarnish over time. To look after your silver well
1. Keep earrings away from chemicals, moisture & sunlight.
2. best kept in airtight spaces like sealed bags in jewelry boxes
3. rub earrings with silver polishing cloth/ silver cleaning agents as soon as it tarnishes
All our earrings are sent with instructions and a small kit including a polishing cloth, extra anti-tarnish 1 inch tabs(which neutralizes the chemicals that cause discolor & tarnish). We help you look after your earrings over time. Yes, we are thoughtful and you are welcome. 
I'm a fashion blogger / work for a magazine / independent media personnel,  can I share your images on my webpage?
no problems at all, please go ahead. Just credit us to our earrings somewhere. Drop us a line if you have time.  We love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
We are a distributor / retailer and we'd like to distribute your jewelries. 
Please email us with #DIS in email title. We reserve the right to not work with distributors & retailer whom we deem to be unethical.