Where do you ship?
We ship world wide. 
How long will the shipping take? It's a Christmas gift, can I get it on time?
We dispatch all orders in 3 working days but UNFORTUNATELY after that things get complicated. Currently the products will be dispatched from Italy and shipping time depends on how much love there is between the Italian postal services and your country.
Currently International Standard shipping takes 10-25 days. 
International Express shipping, we are advised it could be up to 7-9 days.
Due to COVID and the Christmas period there could be further delay.
In all seriousness, our team just want to be honest and say that unfortunately we can't guarantee the shipping time. We take this very seriously as we don't want to ruin somebody's Christmas, Anniversary or Birthday. Please understand it's beyond our control. If you have doubts, please email us thanks. 
Can I make payments using other methods?
Currently we don't take other payments other than what is offered on the website.  We take Alipay & Wechat payments if you are from China. Please scan the QR code and we'll be in touch. 
What are the earrings made of? 
All material & surfaces are in each listing. 
Our silver earrings are all 925 Sterling Silver plated with Rhodium, it is a hard metal part of the platinum family often used for white gold and silver.It's chosen for its tarnish resistant qualities and the majority of people are not allergic to it. (sorry we are not too original here, if you haven't heard of it before, others just don't bother telling you about it.) 
If you are new to silver, please check back soon, we'll have post on
'Dot3 Silver Lesson 301: All you need to know about basics on silver' 
I've never seen multiple piercing earrings like this before, I can't figure out how to wear them, can you help?
You've never seen them because they are uniquely designed by us especially for women with multiple ear piercings. Please see our blog post on 
'Dot3 - How to choose & wear Dot3's multiple piercing earrings/ double & triple piercing earrings'
please contact us.   
How do I look after silver earrings?
All real silver naturally reacts to the air and tarnish over time. To look after your silver well
1. Keep earrings away from chemicals, moisture & sunlight.
2. best kept in airtight spaces like sealed bags in jewelry boxes
3. rub earrings with silver polishing cloth/ silver cleaning agents as soon as it tarnishes
All our earrings are sent with instructions and a small kit including a polishing cloth, extra anti-tarnish 1 inch tabs(which neutralizes the chemicals that cause discolor & tarnish). We help you look after your earrings over time. Yes, we are thoughtful and you are welcome. 
please check back soon, we'll have post on how to look after silver.
I'm a fashion blogger/ work for a magazine, can I share one of your images on my webpage?
no problems at all, please go ahead. Just credit us to our earrings somewhere. Drop us a line if you have time.  We love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
Who is the designer?
Let's just say she's from somewhere very down under. 
We are a distributor / retailer and we'd like to distribute your jewelries. 
Please email us with  #DIS in email title. We reserve the right to not work with distributors & retailer whom we deem to be unethical.
I'm a very famous, very rich movie star and I can get your product noticed if I wear it.  Would you like to just send it to me?
We love to get our earrings noticed like every business. But we don't feel right charging the average customer and not you like most businesses. We'll send but we'll charge. Sorry. 
We are a supplier / manufacturer, can we steal and reproduce your design and sell it to make a lot of money because we are not creative and we don't have to invest time and money to think through every .5mm detail like you did?
Please check with our lawyer. He could be a bit mean depending on his mood. But very proactive in both serving and suing so do email us with email title.
Ok. jokes aside. Be nice, please don't.